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Indiana Jones for kids!

A sharp 10 year old girl becomes obsessed with finding a treasure after stumbling across a gold coin on the beach. However, she soon realises that she’s not the only one looking for the treasure and she has to risk her life in order to get closer to the truth. This is a nervewracking drama for children with a hint of horror and mystery: Indiana Jones for kids!

We find ourselves in the middle of a terrible storm by the island of Runde close to Ålesund. The year is 1725, and the Dutch merchant vessel Akerendam is smashed to pieces against the steep mountain sides at the far end of the island. The ship goes down and takes its entire argo with it; thousands of gold coins.

Since Emma lost her mother, the social, intellegent and quick witted ten year old as become withdrawn antisocial and lost her spark and zest for life. Her father, Helge is worried. After her mother passed away, Emma inherited an old house in the small village of Alnes – a house that nobody knew existed. Father and daughter travel to the spectacularly beautiful peninsula of Alnes, close to the island of Runde, and Emma finds a coin on the beach…

This is a story of loyalty and friendship and about how to move on after experiencing overpowering grief. A story about how to find strength and power in fighting for something that is bigger and more important than yourself. A character driven drama which leaves the audience on the edge of their seat, deeply engaged in the characters’ dilemmas and the massive challenges they face as their lives change forever.


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The Treasure at Alnes

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Length: Feature Film


Svein-Rune Nyland og Kristofer Hivju


Tor Sivertstøl


Hilde Nerland


Sylvia Strand and Jonathan Gregory