Project Description

Hunting the light

What happens if you travel north into the darkness of the Arctic winter in search of natural light? ‘Lysleite’ is an awardwinning, exquisitely shot film by photographer Tor Sivertstøl. We follow his journey north meeting several artists on the way who are all inspired by the beauty of their harsh surroundings.

‘Lysleite’ was Tindefilm’s first production and won a Gullruten (Norwegian TV awards) for best film shot with a single camera in competition with amongst others world reknowned cinematographer Arne Nævra. We follow Tor on his journey north as the light dwindles and the winter sets in. He meets internationally successful painter Ørnulf Oppdahl who has made his career out of painting the stark mountains around his island home, and who loves winter for it’s shades of grey, art photographer and journalist Gry Molvær Hivju who uses an old-fashioned film camera in play with the light to create abstract images, Painter and graphic artist Nina Beyer who is inspired by the juxtaposition of the Lofoten peaks dropping straight into the stormy ocean and amateur astrologer Egil Enaasen who spends the dark nights looking at the wonders of the universe.

Project info


Lysleite – Hunting the light

Production company:

Tindefilm as


50 min


Tor Sivertstøl


Hilde Nerland


Sylvia Strand and Jonathan Gregory