Project Description

TV-series in two seasons produced for NRK1. Season 2 is due for broadcast on NRK1 autumn 2018.

Kari-Anne is an active vivacious lady of 35 who has made a complete lifestyle change. Trying to make her living as a farmer and fisherwoman ‘at the edge of the world’on the arctic island of Røst in the Lofoten archipelago, Kari-Anne is full of ideas, positivity and determination. We follow her throughout an entire year, from lamming season in spring through to transporting her entire flock of sheep out to tiny holms and skerries to graze on arctic herbs and finally trying her hand at commercial cod-fishing, a staple income for most arctic farmers during winter time.

Animal welfare is important to Kari-Anne and she calls her sheep family. Adamant to give them as good a life as possible as well as exploiting every bit of the animal once slaughered, Kari-Anne is keen to try out traditional methods of preservation of both the wool, the fleece and the meat as well as continuing the old farming traditions and keeping the ancient cultural landscape alive for future generations.


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Kari-Anne på Røst

Production company:

Tindefilm as


Season 1 – six 29 min episodes plus a 60 min Christmas Special

Season 2 – six 39 min episodes.


Tor Sivertstøl


Hilde Nerland


Sylvia Strand and Jonathan Gregory