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In 1943, 32 women started what was to become a unique project. They had just finished their education at the Government’s Teaching College for Domestic Science and now, as they embarked on their professional lives, they were to write a combined diary which would circulate between them wherever the lived in the country. The project lasted for 60 years, and when the last chapter was written seven substantial volumes containing their entire lifestories was the result. This is the story of 32 women through 60 years of their lives forging their way in a society created by men.

”This is a unique project, a kind of history in miniature” (Jon Sandven, Senior advicer at The Norwegian State Archive)

Through the women’s personal reflections on private and professional life, we get a unique insight into Norwegian social history from 1940 until the millennium. Their focus is mostly on friends, family and work, stories of everyday lives lived in a time when the nation went from poverty to unimaginable wealth.  The idea of home economics was to improve the lives of Norwegians through healthy food, financial planning, upbringing of children, mending of clothes etc. It was a form of national education. Women should learn to manage a household in order for the population as a whole to have a better life and students were handpicked from across the country.  The resulting diaries accommodate a multitude of stories, a microcosm of life through more than 60 years.

The film will be built around quotations from diaries, new interviews, photos, stock footage as well as on location shooting where we follow the diary around the country.

The journey has just begun. We have a long and interesting way ahead of us.


Molde 15.06.2018

Hilde Nerland                                                 Svein Rune Nyland

Producer and co-director                             Director and scriptwriter

Tindefilm AS                                                   Ny Film AS



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Sylvia Strand and Jonathan Gregory